Nordic Shock Cords

Nordic Shock Cords

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You will be receiving the latest all-in-one version of Nordic Shock Cord. It’s a resistance cable that no longer has stiffness differentiation when used. This creates a smooth and efficient range of motion as witnessed in skiing. The bungee is adjustable for varying strength levels by stepping forward or backward to increase/decrease resistance levels. Stand 7’ back for soft, 9’ for medium and 11’ for high resistance.

Dry-land Drill Examples - Video

Can be used to simulate all ranges of cross-country ski styles and techniques. Tone, tighten, strengthen and condition complete muscle groups: abdominals, upper and lower arm groups, upper and lower leg groups, chest groups, shoulder and back groups, and hip and thigh groups.

Allow muscles to work through their complete range of motion at controlled loads and controlled speeds. Increase muscle flexibility and strength in multiple directions; not just one direction. Enhance natural movement by building muscle groups that work in opposition, not just groups working in one direction.

Easily adjustable for varying strength level by stepping forward or backwards and can be used effectively by men, women, and children. To make the cords work indoors, simply close the door with the straps over the top to secure in place. On a pole or rod, feed the bungees through the attachment loop.