(B)STRONG Strength Training System
(B)STRONG Strength Training System

(B)STRONG Strength Training System

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The (B)STRONG Strength Training System uses wraps placed around arms and/or legs to manipulate the body’s circulatory system in combination with light-weight exercise to achieve training results similar to high intensity strength training.

As a training method, it is beneficial in producing muscular adaptations with lower loads and lower volumes than comparable resistance training.

(B)STRONG Co-Founder Dr. James Stray-Gundersen is a world-renowned physiologist and physician sought for his expertise in maximizing athletic performance, nutrition, fitness and wellness, and Blood Flow Restriction and altitude training. He is the co-author of the award-winning altitude study “Live High/Train Low,” which has proven to be the foundation of new paradigms in athletic training and is recognized by the US Olympic Committee (USOC) for its influence on human performance.



Essentially, by delaying or impeding blood flow out of a limb (venous outflow restriction) the exercising muscle does not get the blood flow and, thus, recovery, it needs to maintain the easy exercise.* A metabolic crisis ensues in the working muscle fibers, which in turn, recruit other fibers to take over the work, stimulating local positive adaptation and up-regulation of protein synthesis and, importantly, stimulating a systemic anabolic hormonal response, which amplifies and facilitates positive adaptations in all tissues used in the exercises. Since little actual damage was done to the tissues, improved function happens quickly since the body does not need to repair damaged tissues first, as in the case of normal, hard, exhaustive exercise.

* Note: this is the same thing that happens normally, without any blood flow restriction, but it takes either very high-intensity exercise (e.g. heavy maximal weights or maximal intervals) or very long term exercise (e.g. marathons) to get the same local and systemic anabolic responses, but in this case significant damage was done to the exercising tissues.  

We have lots of examples in our ski sports. We have been using BFR training with many of our National Teams (e.g. Alpine, Nordic Combined, and Ski Jumping). We have done a study with the Park City Cross Country Ski Team headed by Gordon Lange.

Individual athletes in alpine racing include Bode Miller, Mikaela Shiffrin, Ted Ligety, Jared Goldberg, Wiley Maple, Leann Smith, Alice McKennis, Nolan Kasper, Tommy Beisemeyer, Lila Lapanja, Brennan Ruby, Jackie Wiles and AJ Ginnis.

Individual athletes in Nordic Combined include Todd Lodwick, Bryan Fletcher, Taylor Fletcher, Adam Loomis, Ben Berend, Jasper Good, and Ben Loomis.

Individual athletes in women’s jumping include Sarah Hendrickson and Abby Ringquist.  

In cross country, we have done a study with Gordon Lange’s junior cross country skiers. They showed an amazing 12% improvement in overall body strength after just 10 sessions of BFR training. This is even more impressive when considering that they stopped their normal weight training. We have anecdotal success with former World Cup and Olympic skiers Jim and Joe Galanes and Luke Bodensteiner rapidly improving their personal fitness in just a few sessions. We have an example of improving bone density in 60 something Master’s skiers in Park City, where the normal course is that bone density decreases with increasing age. They started B Strong BFR Training program and report positive results. 


"(B)Strong can be used with exercise machines, weights or calisthenics as long as individuals follow a pattern of 3 sets of 30 reps with 30 seconds rest in between while using ~30% of the load they can do maximally.

Use bands on all 4 extremities and be guided by “fatigue”. The pressure, load, sets, reps, and exercises should be taken and adjusted to where one gets a good “burn” or fatigue signal from the exercising muscle." - Jim Stray-Gundersen


(B)Strong bands can be used anywhere, indoors, outdoors (+50C to -40C), in and out of the water (pools, salt, and freshwater).

They should only be washed on a gentle cycle and let air dry - out of the sun. UV over time will deteriorate the neoprene and other rubber/plastic elements.

The pump should not be immersed in water or let sit in the sun.

When putting in a pool or saltwater, the bands should be rinsed off with tap water after use.



  • 2 arm and leg belts
  • 1 hand pump
  • carrying case
  • sport-specific exercise videos
  • 1 personal license* for the guidance app

* (B)STRONG guidance app comes with your purchase. The app will teach you the basic safety rules and regimen to follow for safe and effective results, and comes with video instructions and follow along with tutorials that will teach you the basics of (B)STRONG training. The app will help customize your pressure recommendations and walk you through basic exercises.



Sizes cover limb circumferences in the range of 18cm – 73.5cm (7in – 29in). See the sizing chart for selecting your arm and belt sizes.


Sizing Chart


If you have a tape measure, watch the sizing video below and check the sizing chart graphics to choose the correct size for arms and legs.

(B)STRONG Strength Training System
(B)STRONG Strength Training System
(B)STRONG Strength Training System